Truck Maintenance Tips

5 Important Maintenance Tips For Maintaining Your Truck

Make it a priority to change the oil from the engine and filter constantly

Your truck's engine is lubricated and protected with clean oil. Dust, dirt and debris from the engine and the environment can easily contaminate the engine oil. If you regularly tow or transport heavy loads, drive at low speeds for long periods of time, MAN recommends changing the oil more frequently.

Just as your truck needs clean oil to function optimally, it also needs clean air. Replace the oil filter regularly to remove dust or dirt that could cause the engine to lose efficiency.The most important aspects of proper truck maintenance are oil and filter changes.

Check your other fluid levels:

In addition to engine oil, you should also regularly check engine coolant, power steering fluid, washer fluid, and brake fluid.  Maintaining an ideal temperature for the engine is critical to its performance and to avoid problems caused by excessive temperatures.

Change your tires:

Regular tire changes are essential to ensure that all four tires on your truck show the same level of wear. If you change your tires regularly, they will last longer. By reducing vibration, you can help improve fuel economy and extend the life of your vehicle's suspension components.

Clean the Exterior:

Cleaning the exterior of your truck will do more than make it look good. It also protects your truck's paintwork by removing sanding residue or dust.

Sand and road salt can quickly build up in your truck's paintwork and damage it.

Have your truck checked:

A truck check is similar to an annual inspection of your vehicle. An expert examines your truck for defects. It is important to identify any mechanical or safety issues as soon as possible. Inspecting your truck can sometimes be impractical, but it is an important part of maintaining your vehicle.

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