Commercial Vehicle Maintenance Basics That Should Be Apart of Your Checklist

Vehicle maintenance programs are very important to any business that depends on commercial vehicle operations and their uninterrupted operation keeps those businesses stable and profitable. As you create your checklist, consider these four critical elements that will determine how successful your vehicle maintenance will be.

1. Preventive Maintenance Checklist
A preventative maintenance program helps businesses get the most out of their vehicle.

This type of commercial vehicle maintenance attempts to anticipate problems before they occur and plan how to fix them before they become serious.Therefore, the preventative maintenance checklist and schedule should include the manufacturer's recommendations for vehicle maintenance and the approximate time by which the individuals responsible should perform it.

The rest of the truck maintenance checklist differs depending on the vehicle type and its specifications.

Some of the typical items on the preventative maintenance checklist are:

2. Maintenance requirement checklist

Maintenance requirement is the type of maintenance that trucking companies only when needed execute.

This means that certain parts of the truck will only be replaced or repaired if they break and no longer function properly.This can also happen after an independent inspection has determined a truck's state of wear.

Maintenance Request Forms typically include items such as:

3. Crisis Maintenance Checklist
Crisis Maintenance typically occurs, when preventative and on-demand maintenance slips and never occurs.

This is the type of maintenance performed when a truck is stranded on the road due to the sudden failure of one or more components.

Typically this means sending a replacement vehicle to allow the driver to continue driving to the drop off point and sending a mechanic to repair the vehicle on site.Businesses should try to avoid crisis maintenance as they incur additional costs of:

4. Maintenance Form Records

The three types of commercial vehicle maintenance mentioned above underscore the importance of an up to date recording program that checklist records can provide.

Maintenance checklist forms such as may be provided by doForms should:

These forms must also include records of preventive maintenance and repair work that either of these parties has already performed on a truck.

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